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Serving high quality loose-leaf herbs and teas to the black hills community…

At Sage and Cedar Herbal Wellness, we specialize in sourcing the best quality herbs and teas we can find from small farms and families. Our passion lies in bringing the community closer to their producers and in providing resources for them to understand herbal wellness. It is of utmost importance that we know and understand the farmers that handle our herbs, whether they are residents of the Black Hills, or a tea farmer from China. We invest much time and effort into finding the best quality sources available.

As retailers, we provide prepackaged ounces of loose leaf tea to consumers. As wholesalers, we supply loose leaf tea in bulk to a variety of eateries in the area. We are as hands on as our partners choose us to be; curating a selection based on your unique business, and offering our advice and expertise at any time.

If you are interested in bringing on Sage and Cedar to handle your tea needs, please feel free to contact us via email to obtain further details :)