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Located in the eclectic town of Spearfish, South Dakota, Sage and Cedar Herbal Wellness specializes in providing artisanal tea leaf and hand crafted herbal tea blends. We carefully select our herbs and tea leaf individually, working directly with farms to provide sustainably harvested and ethically grown ingredients to the Black Hills Community.

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Holistic Wellness

“Holism” is the theory that all parts of a system are interconnected and depend on each other to function efficiently as a whole. This perspective, in relation to wellness, incorporates all facets of mental, physical, and spiritual health, implying that imbalances present in any of these areas can affect the overall function of the system. Everything you do (from the food you eat to the conversations you have) affects the balance of your system. At Sage and Cedar Herbal Wellness, we encourage individuals to take an active part in their health and listen to their body’s needs. The more connected one is to their body the more they can understand what their body needs to function most efficiently.


– Hand Crafted in Small Batches –

Artisanal loose-leaf teas and herbal tea blends

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We are involved in many local events, ranging from Farmer’s Markets to craft shows, and can be found by checking out the Events tab located here! Stop by and enjoy an interactive tea buying experience. You can also purchase our products at any of our local partners listed below!