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Who are Sage and Cedar

We are two humans driven by a passion for preserving the land and healing its people. Our mission is to strengthen the community by promoting self-sustainability and holistic wellness. Our primary focus is to supply ethically harvested and sustainably grown herbal ingredients to the Black Hills community, in addition to providing education on herbalism, the extraordinary Camellia sinensisand the most efficient ways to get the most out of your herbs.

Herbs first called to us at a time when we were looking for an alternative to conventional medicine and a long lasting solution to our health concerns. We were dissuaded by the possible dangers, side-effects, and long term co-dependence commonly associated with much of modern medicine; thus the search for more natural options began. It wasn't long before we realized understanding natural wellness meant understanding a way of life that was different than what we were used to. We have come to understand health with a holistic perspective, one that incorporates all facets of mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. We have invested years of study and practice into improving our lifestyles, diets, and the way we do things. Today we have the knowledge and experience to call ourselves herbalists, and it is our passion to share this knowledge with our community.


Meet Sage 

Herbs beckoned to Joe at a time when his light was dim and the grasp he had on life was weak. Ravenous for an understanding of his own health concerns, he plunged into a vast diversity of studies ranging from Herbalism to Chinese Philosophy, collecting multiple herbalist certifications along the way. Fueled by a passion larger than life, Joe strives to share the knowledge he has acquired with his community and the world.  



Meet Cedar

Caught between a passion for healing and an obligation to a strict education, the warm embrace of herbalism enveloped Ashley when she felt like all other options had failed her. She was searching for healthier alternatives to the "health and beauty" products she used every day and an approach to healing that went deeper than a visit to the doctor's office. Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine and Rosemary Gladstar have provided the foundation to her ever expanding herbal studies while eastern philosophies ground her perspective on health. 

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